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2020 - the ever-changing path of creation

    The beginning of 2020 is doomed to be a test. Weichuang's original plan has also changed with the emergence of COVID-19, but Weichuang has not fallen behind. With the efforts of all employees of Weichuang, we have taken corresponding measures to gain everyone's trust and understanding. At the same time, we have decided to take VT Conveyor System to various exhibitions, opening a new chapter in Weichuang's 2020.   

     As of September, we have appeared at the Shanghai Munich Electronics Fair, Guangzhou Automation, Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition, Shenzhen SIMM Machinery Exhibition and Shanghai Industry Fair. Fully demonstrate the VT Conveyor System, including belt conveyor lines, double speed chain conveyors, 90° and 180° rotation, jacking positioning, screw lifter/rodless cylinder hoist, control module and electronic control system.


exhibition scene


exhibition scene

About Vitrans

*Dongguan Vitrans Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-quality and professional modular tray conveyor systems based on years of production line planning and assembly automation assembly line application experience in different industries.

*Vitrans main business is divided into two parts: modular tray conveyor system and comprehensive supporting services.

*In addition to focusing on the R&D, production and sales of modular tray conveyor systems, Vitrans products cover synchronous belt conveyor, flat belt conveyor, flat top chain conveyor, double speed chain conveyor, roller conveyor, etc;

*Vitrans can also provide comprehensive supporting services for the conveyor line, such as manipulator loading and unloading, tooling design and processing, elevator device, dust cover, high-temperature conveying, electrical, on-site construction commissioning, other non-standard conveying devices and other integrated services.

*Widely used in the field of assembly and assembly automation of new energy batteries, auto parts, motors, 3C electronics and household appliances

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